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  Atelier De Vitrail

  Fabrication Facility for Independent Artists
An important aspect of Wilmark Studios is the execution of the work of independent artists.
We take pride in having successfully collaborated with such artists as David Ascalon, Albinas Elskus, Laurie Gross, Sarah Hall, Harriet Hyams, Nancy Katz, Karole Kissack, Ellen Miret, Willy Malarcher, Ellen Mandelbaum, Emanuel Milstein, Sister Adele Myers, Robert Pinart, Mordechai Rosenstein, Marina Tsesarskaya, Deborah Ugoretz, Jennifer Baldwin Schafer, Efram Weitzman, and Paul Wood.

Albinas Elskus

Mordechai Rosenstein
For over 25 years, Wilmark has been helping artists bring alive their visions in glass. Because of the sheer physical size of many stained glass projects and the hours required to complete them, an artist may not have the facilities in which to fabricate them or to complete the work without help.
We offer our facility and skilled craftsmen to artists who require a fabricator and an installer. Each artist has differing needs. Some want to be minutely involved in every detail, some much less.

Harriet Hyams

Laurie Gross

Some are painterly and see the project as a mural, some focus on sharp details and let the big picture emerge. We understand that the process is a collaboration and we provide the space and skilled, dedicated craftsmen needed to successfully complete the work.
Wilmark can provide whatever assistance an artist may require. We will enlarge the scale sketch into a full size cartoon. An artist may hand select each piece of glass individually so the glass can be cut and waxed to an easel for evaluation. Other artists only need to judge the sheets of glass, leaving the cutter responsible for making the selection come alive.

Willy Malarcher

Sister Adele Meyer, OP

Some artists need the window to be waxed up after its all cut so it can be painted like a canvas, while other windows will be painted on a light box. Although some artists paint their work themselves, others want us to paint the glass from a detailed cartoon. Wilmark has provided all of these services and more to the many artists for whom we have fabricated.
We have the equipment and experience needed to make slab glass (Dalle de Verre) windows. We acid etch on site and we fire painted glass in our kiln here on our premises.

Hendrik Vandeburgt


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